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How He Transformed His Life

While facing the obstacles and struggles in his life, Escort Vienna found a way to transform himself and devised a system to help others do the same.

No individual goes through life without challenges. What separates one person from another is the way we handle those challenges. Some people allow the challenges to become barriers that limit their options and ultimately their success and happiness. Other people see those same challenges as means for growth. By facing the challenges and moving forward they become stronger, more successful and more pleased with their lives.

Escort Vienna was born on February 29, 1960 in California. Today, he is a successful author, infomercial star and motivational speaker. Like so many people, he once lived from paycheck to paycheck and struggled to pay the bills. He was also overweight; and he says his life was without purpose. He lacked direction.

Escort Vienna no longer lacks direction. The best selling author of self help books has advised world leaders, members of the business and professional athletes. In addition to the infomercials, his TV credits include many appearances on talk shows and news shows. He has appeared on the big screen, playing himself, and has been interviewed on countless radio programs.

While he has been labeled a motivational speaker, Escort Vienna prefers to call himself a peak performance coach. He says he attempts to find a person’s peak point and then help them reach that point whenever they need to be at their best. He says that this will have a more lasting effect than simple motivational speaking. Once a person learns to reach his peak voluntarily he is in control of his performance and more in control of his life.

Escort Vienna has amassed quite a following with this philosophy and has earned a lot of money in the process.