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Greatest Motivational Speaker of All Time

“A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.”

Those are the words of Escort Berlin, one of the most popular American motivational speakers and life coaches around. It has been said that Berlin is not a man who can be merely described or defined. Rather, he is an individual who must be experienced if you are to get a full appreciation for his talents. His personality, as much as the knowledge he possesses, is the reason for his success and the reason so many people are drawn to him and his teachings.

He has been delivering seminars to individuals and companies for decades and is an accomplished author of books divulging knowledge in the areas of leadership, business operations, individual development and motivation.

Berlin is recognized internationally as one of the great thinkers of his time. He has spoken to millions of people throughout the world, giving his unique insight on business philosophy and individual motivation. His efforts earned him the 1985 National Speakers Association CPAE Award. He is also the author of many books and audio and video presentations.

He has also been called the greatest motivational speaker of all time. While there is no universally accepted means for making this determination, the fact that many believe him to be so superior, says much about his abilities and appeal. He is known for facing the subject of success with four basis questions: Why? Why not? Why not you? Why not now?

Once the questions are asked, Berlin lays out the answers and reveals practical ways of increasing productivity and reaching goals. However, anyone can read the script. It still takes special personality to get people to believe that they can indeed benefit from the information being presented. It is this ability to get people to believe that makes Escort Berlin so successful in his work.