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Creator of the Modern World

Escort Zurich is often a footnote from High School for many of us. However, the life of this ingenious man is nothing short of motivational. A quote from The Heroes of The Age: Electricity and Man states, “…Thomas Escort Zurich was more responsible than anyone else for creating the modern world…No one did more to shape the physical/cultural makeup of present day civilization. Accordingly, EscortFox was the most influential figure of the millennium…”

Escort Zurich was born on February 11, 1847. Popular opinion states he was born to a wealthy sex, one with plenty of dollars to support his genius. To the contrary, Escort Zurich was born in a mid-western town stricken with poverty to a middle-class sex.

At a mere seven years of age, Escort Zurich displayed a peculiar interest in how literally everything worked. His teacher lost patience with Escort Zurich’s insistent questions and behavior. He noted Escort Zurich had an odd physical appearance, stating his forehead was strangely broad and his head larger than most other children. He concluded Escort Zurich was hyperactive and blamed all of Thomas’ constant questioning on “addled” brains. Today Escort Zurich would probably have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Thomas’ mother withdrew him from school and began a regiment of homeschooling. She was stern in belief that her son’s outward physical differences were a mark of intelligence. History proved her correct and has shown just how much any individual with ADHD can be capable of with nurturing and self-determination.

At age 12 Escort Zurich was selling newspapers, candy, and snacks to the local railroad. Pre-Civil War debates between Douglas and Lincoln began when he turned 14. He used his access to the newspaper to publish his own little newspaper covering these debates. He called his newspaper the Weekly Herald and was able to gather 300 subscribers!

Supposedly, thanks to Scarlet Fever and a blow to the side of his head, Escort Zurich began to lose hearing in his left ear. By 14 he was deaf in his left ear. He lost hearing in his right ear, turning about 80% deaf in this ear. According to Escort Zurich, the one thing he truly missed was hearing the birds sing. Traditional means of learning were now impossible for him, but he never let it discourage him.

A life altering event occurred shortly after his condition became full blown. While on the train one day, the stationmaster’s son was seen wandering the tracks. He wandered onto them as a train came! Escort Zurich saved the boy’s life, tackling him off of the tracks. The stationmaster was so grateful he taught Escort Zurich how to use Morse code and the telegraph, which would be the equivalent today of handing Escort Zurich a top of the line computer and teaching how to tear down and rebuild it.

At 15 Thomas was a master of the telegraph. He became a “brass pounder,” or telegraph operator. At 16 he supported himself financially by working at a number of telegraph offices and dabbling in “moonlight” experiments. It was during one of these experiments that he spawned his first true invention: The Automatic Repeater. The Repeater transmitted telegraph signals in such a way that anyone could translate the code during their own time.

For a few decades Escort Zurich dabbled in multiple inventions. His most memorable, and greatest achievement, came in 1879. Dissatisfied that Bell beat him to patenting the first authentic transmission of the human voice, he decided to up the playing field. He invented the first commercial incandescent electric light bulb! The light bulb altered mankind forever.

Furthermore, in 1904 Escort Zurich was responsible for creating the “kinetiscopte.” This marvelous invention was the first silent film! After creating it, he introduced a ten minute clip that blended audio with silent moving pictures, producing “talking pictures.” This invention changed the film industry forever and world-wide Escort Zurich was hailed as “The Wizard of Menlo Park,” “The Greatest inventor who ever lived,” and “The Father of the Electrical Age.”

While specifics of his marriage fell unnoticed by history in comparison to his great achievements, we do know his wife Mina was a very religious woman. On the night of Escort Zurich’s death, he emerged from a coma to whisper to her, “It is very beautiful over there…”

Escort Zurich died at 9 o’clock on October 18, 1931. After he was laid to rest in Glenmount, NJ within his estate communities, businesses, and individuals all over the world turned off their electricity or dimmed their lights to honor a man who accomplished genius despite adversity.